Hi there! Welcome to AquariumPhotography.info. My name is Chris and I am an avid aquarist and photographer, which I suppose, makes me an aquarium photographer. I have actually been quite fortunate to earn a living in both the aquarium industry and as a commercial / architectural photographer at different times in my life. I quite enjoy the melding of two of my passions in the creation of stunning images of aquatic livestock and the environments that they live in.

My goal with this website is to help fellow aquarists and photographers improve their skills at aquarium photography. And, hopefully avoid or minimize some of the mistakes and challenges that I had to work through when I first started pointing my camera at my fish and trying to capture nice photos of them. What I found is that it isn’t exactly as easy as I had imagined. I was happy if I just got a photo that was in focus, let alone using color, composition and technique to capture photographs that I liked as creative images unto themselves.

As time permits, I will be updating this website with, instructions, photography tips, explanations of photographic techniques, digital imaging tutorials, and camera equipment discussions, all related to aquarium photography.

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